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Look Amazing.
The first thing you will notice is how good you look with your new eyelash extensions! Your friends and family will notice them too and demand to know your secret! Long, full, thick lashes make a strong statement all on their own.
Feel Confident.
When you look good you canʼt help but feel good too. Knowing your eyes look great all day long gives you confidence without the fuss. Wake up knowing you're ready to take on whatever the day brings your way...or at least look that way!
Save Time.
Thereʼs really no denying that when it comes to making your eyes pop and your overall look shine, longer, thicker eyelashes really can make a huge difference. And because you wake up like this, your morning routine is quick and easy. In fact, many guests find they like the way they look with just lashes and feel they need less make up.
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Classic Set $100

Longer lashes across your lashline will enhance the natural share of your eye.

Full Classic $130

Longer lashes at the center of your lash line make your eyes appear larger.

Volume Blend $170

Longer lashes on the outer corner of your eye will make every wink count.

Full Volume $200

With thicker and fuller lashes all over, you will always be red-carpet ready.

Bottom Lash $50

2 Week Fill

Classic Set $60

Volume Blend $70

Full Volume $80

3 weeks fill $10 extra

Style upgrade change Extra $50 from regular fill

Bottom lash fill $30

Microblading $600

Includes your first 30 day touch ups.

4-6 Month Touch Up $200